For puppies age 10 weeks to 5 months old

Our board & train programs are designed to provide full-time care, promote manners within a home environment, and dedicated one-on-one training sessions. Your puppy will live with your trainer for the duration of the program and will be treated as if they are one of the family. Board & Train programs are ideal to accelerate your puppy's education or if you want the ultimate care plus individualized training when you are out of town.

Puppies must be comfortable in a crate, I cannot host puppies who bark excessively or soil their crates. Puppies with serious behavior problems are NOT suitable for B&T. This program is for basic/advanced training only.


Program Pricing:

Behaviors we can work on:

  • crate & house training

  • general house manners

  • sit

  • wait/stay

  • down

  • leave it

  • leash manners

  • come when called

  • place/go to bed

puppy training, pit bull, dog, mobile, al


  • field trips

  • updates on progress with posts on social media

  • reward-based methods - no pinch, choke, shock collars

  • exposure to livestock (cattle)

  • exploration/sniff walks on 70+ acres

  • possible play with resident dogs

  • enrichment/brain games

  • medications/supplements administered 

  • basic grooming/comb & brush outs/bath if necessary

  • Follow-up private lesson with you at program end

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Limited to one puppy at a time. Reservations accepted in advance. ALL potential board & train puppies must be evaluated prior to reserving a spot. This may be by phone or in your home and will help me best understand your training goals. $500 deposit required to book. Email us or submit the inquiry form below to get started.

Board & Train Inquiry