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What is Day Training?


Day Training is a convenient way to give energetic or under-stimulated dogs a physical and mental workout during the day. Great for dogs who do not do well in group classes, dog parks or doggie day care. The great thing about Day Training is that it requires very little time or effort on your part. If your dog has more energy than you do at the of the day, Day Training sessions can take that edge off. Also great for dogs still being housetrained. 


Training in the home is stress-free for your dog and the focus will be on the behaviors that are important to you. All you have to do is go to work as usual. Your trainer will arrive to teach your dog manners, give her productive outlets for energy, play and even go for a walk if that's what you want. Come home to a better behaved, happy dog.


During our consult, we will discuss your training goals and schedule dates and times for day training sessions. At this time we will also complete paperwork and payment, you will show areas of the home accessible during training, and provide a key.


Day Training is efficient & effective. The beauty of this option is that I take on all the repetitive and technical work involved in dog training. The aspects that many owners find boring and tedious, I find the most fun and rewarding! 

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How Day Training Works:


After an initial consultation, I come to your home during the day for one-hour training sessions on our scheduled days. Sessions include training, play, games, potty breaks and exercise for both body and mind. After each session, I will send an email about what was worked on and how you can practice.


Your dog will learn useful behaviors, have a lot of fun, and burn a great deal of energy.  


You will have a final transfer session with your trainer to see training results and learn how to maintain your dog's training progress.

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Day Training Packages:

All Day Training packages include:


  • Initial consultation

  • Customized training plan

  • Emailed progress reports/practice instructions

  • Support via phone, text email, Facebook messenger

  • Transfer session to show you what your dog has learned and how to maintain the training

Manners I: $700

      Consultation to discuss goals

  • 8 Training Sessions with your dog  

  • 1 Transfer Session with you and your dog

  • Each session is 1 hour

Manners II: $840

      Consultation to discuss goals

  • 10 Training Sessions with your dog  

  • 1 Transfer Session with you & your dog

  • Each session is 1 hour

Manners III: $1,050

      ​Consultation to discuss goals

  • 13 Training Sessions with your dog

  • 1 Transfer Session with you and your dog 

  • Each session is 1 hour

Customized Day Training Programs available with two week minimum.


All training programs include guidance and coaching between sessions to ensure progress.  You are welcome to e-mail, text or Facebook message me with questions or problems. I want you and your dog to succeed!

Day Training is available on a case-by-case basis within a limited service area. Day Training is not suitable for dogs with severe behavior issues. All packages are prepaid and prebooked. An initial consultation is required before training sessions begin and is included in package pricing. Multiple dogs considered and subject to additional fees.

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