Stay & Train Program

For puppies 5 months and younger

What is Stay & Train?


Our Stay & Train Program is a board and train option where your puppy comes to stay at the trainer's home for a customized period of time.  


During your puppy's Stay & Train program he will spend one-on-one time for training sessions, brain games, general manners, and learn social skills interacting with appropriate, adult dogs in a controlled setting.


Your puppy will also go on field trips, neighborhood walks, and have opportunities for proper socialization in a variety of settings. You will receive videos, progress reports, demonstration of what your puppy has learned, instruction on how to continue his training, and a follow-up session in your home at the end of your puppy's stay.

Puppies must be comfortable with confinement either in a crate or ex-pen, be current on vaccinations, and have no severe, abnormal behavior issues in order to be considered for the Stay & Train program.


Stay & Train Program - $100/day

One week minimum & two week maximum