Ages 5 months & under

New puppy? We offer a variety of programs perfect for getting you and your puppy off to the best start and beyond. I will share my favorite products, suggestions and solutions to help you survive puppyhood. We'll cover topics such as house training, socialization, chewing, biting, crate training, basic manners, obedience cues and more. 


Be confident that your puppy is learning the right way, he likely won't grow out of bad behaviors, he'll just get better at them. 

Ages 6 months & older

Our Training programs are geared for owners who want to improve their dog's manners and take training to a more reliable level. If your dog could use some manners, refresher lessons, or if you're interested in teaching your dog more skills, we can help! Private in-home lessons are ideal for owners who want a more hands-on approach as you learn easy and effective ways to communicate with your dog. Various training programs available.


Problem behavior consultations are for dogs who have more serious issues. If you are struggling with problem behaviors such as separation anxiety, guarding food or toys or fighting with the other dogs in the household, a behavior modification consult is the first step.  

An initial consult will allow me to assess the situation, help you better understand why your dog is behaving this way, and create a plan. I will also offer instruction and guidance that you can put into action immediately. Many behavior issues can be successfully addressed with one consult, others may require a few follow-up sessions.


The Ultimate Program offers so many benefits! One of the most common statements I hear from owners is, "We just never seem to find the time to work with our dog." Often weeks, months or even years pass without your dog learning much and by then they are very much out of control.


If you have a hectic schedule or long work week, the last thing you likely want to do is try to train your puppy or dog. Let a professional do it for you! Imagine the relief you'll feel knowing your puppy or dog will have a productive midday break of training, play, exercise, and socialization. You come home to a better behaved, less energetic dog! 


Ultimate Programs also include free refresher lessons for one year and much more!