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Hundreds of thousands of dogs find themselves in shelters and rescues every year, a huge number of them are social, happy, intelligent and adoptable. When walking through an animal shelter, it's nearly impossible to look at a dog and determine if he is a suitable match for your personality and lifestyle. Of course, there are instant connections where we just know. Even then, you can't quite be sure what your new addition is all about until you take him home and get to know him better.



Temperament testing allows us to learn much more about a dog's personality and see how he reacts in different situations with a high level of probability. Temperament testing allows us to identify whether a dog may be a good candidate for a home with children, determine energy level and requirements and how social or independent an individual dog is. We can also determine whether a dog is friendly with other dogs and cats and network accordingly. 

















Temperament Test
Shelter Dog
Canine Temperament Test

For Rescue Organizations


I offer behavioral evaluations for shelters and rescue organizations in order to determine adoptibility, to determine what type of home and lifestyle would best suit the dog and to indentify red flag issues such as dog and human aggression or severe resource guarding. Over the course of several years and testing of hundreds of dogs I have been able to develop testing procedures which allows for a better understanding of an individual dog's temperament, adaptability, sociability with people and other dogs, reactions to cats, red flag issues and much more in a short period of time.


While temperament testing is never a guarantee of behavior and we cannot learn everything about a dog through an evaluation, temp testing may be invaluable when determining whether a dog is safe to pull into rescue. My understanding of canine behavior and ability to interpret body language in various contexts gives rescue organizations valuable information about an individual dog's overall temperament and adoptability. Detailed evaluation notes are especially helpful when networking a dog online.


Fee: $50 per dog includes: Thorough evaluation, photos, detailed written assessment including placement suggestions. Discounts for multiple dogs in same day at same location. Small travel fee may apply to some areas.

Therapy Dog prospect evaluations 

For owners with an interest in becoming involved in Therapy Dog work, I offer temperament evaluations and assessments to determine candidacy. Therapy teams visit facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, and schools to offer enrichment, support, and comfort. Therapy Dog prospects are made not trained! While Therapy Dogs must have trained skills and manners, proper temperament is the most important thing. A Therapy Dog must LOVE people, be gentle, have a strong desire to interact with people, and be comfortable in a number of various situations and environments. If you think you have a dog who fits the criteria for Therapy work, an assessment can help identify what areas need improvement and provide the necessary plan for certification. 

Most Therapy Dogs begin with earning their AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title and go on to test with a certifying Therapy Dog organization. Assessments may be done at your home and/or in a public setting. 

Fee for Therapy Dog assessment: $100 which includes a temperament evaluation and training plan to proceed.


Just a few examples of the dogs I have tested:

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