Training Programs

Mobile Dog Training offers several training programs to meet each family's UNIQUE needs and goals.

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It's never too late to train your dog! You may have an unruly, goofball of a teenager or a much older dog with established habits. Dogs of any age are capable of learning new things!

All Training Programs are for dogs 6 months of age or older

Basics Program: $350
  • 90 minute Orientation session ​

  • 3 training sessions​ total

  • Folder with educational handouts

  • On-going support during program

  • One-on-one instruction in your home

Basics Program

  • Struggling with one or two unwanted behaviors?

  • Looking for more ideas to keep your dog happy & content?

  • Need a brush-up or help with teaching a specific skill?

The Basics Program focuses on resolving minor problem behaviors and training your dog practical skills which will last a lifetime.  This customized program is best if you would like to resolve one or two unwanted behaviors or if you'd like to teach a few new skills.

The Basics Program includes three in-home lessons where you will learn how to properly respond to your dog's unwanted behaviors, how to manage the environment, and how to train what you prefer instead. 


You will learn easy ways to reduce your dog's energy and opportunities to get into trouble. You will also learn very simple skills which will immediately improve your dog's behavior!

This program is suited for dogs 6 months or older who have just a few problem areas or for owners who want to learn a few new skills. The Basics Program is not for dogs who are reactive, aggressive, or have more severe behavior issues.

Manners Program: $500
  • Extended orientation session included​

  • 5 training sessions​ total

  • Folder with educational handouts

  • On-going support during program

  • One-on-one instruction in your home

Manners Program

  • Is your unruly, goofball dog making life difficult?

  • Has your teenage dog suddenly started acting like a teenager?

  • Would you like to enjoy your dog more than you already do?

The Manners Program focuses on resolving minor problem behaviors and training your dog practical skills which will last a lifetime.  This customized program covers typical nuisance behaviors such as jumping and pulling on leash and goes a step further by teaching foundation skills.

The Manners Program includes five in-home coaching lessons in which you will learn how to teach your dog obedience skills such as Sit, Down, Settle on a Mat, walk politely on leash, Come when called, and Leave It. 


You will learn how to better communicate with you dog and also get unique, creative, and fun ideas for adding mental enrichment and brain games to keep your dog happy and satisfied. These simple tricks-of-the-trade can be game changers in the way they improve your dog's overall behavior!

This program is suited for dogs who are energetic, unruly, and/or need improvements in the home and out on walks. The Manners Program is not for dogs who are reactive, aggressive, or have more severe behavior issues.

Prodigy Program: $750
  • Extended orientation session included

  • 6 in-home training lessons

  • 2 "field trip" lessons 

  • Folder with educational handouts

  • Emailed training videos & instruction 

  • Unlimited on-going support during program

  • Certificate of Completion

  • One-on-one instruction in your home

  • Free additional refresher lesson 

Prodigy Program

  • Ready to take your dog's training to the next level?

  • Want to take your furry best friend to dog-friendly places without him acting like a delinquent?

  • Does your dog think her name is "No"? 

The Prodigy Program combines the best of the Basic Training and Manners programs with an emphasis on polite behavior and real-world situations.  Your dog will learn valuable skills such as leaving human food alone, polite greetings, staying calmer in higher distractions, and walking politely on leash. This program is ideal for owners who want to take their dog to dog-friendly places or enjoy daily walks without needing shoulder surgery later.

Imagine taking your dog along to your favorite lunch spot to enjoy a meal with a friend as your dog relaxes next to you. The Prodigy Program includes two "field trips" to dog-friendly public places to develop your dog's skills around distractions. 

The Prodigy Program is all about building a good foundation at home and proofing what you and your dog have learned in more distracting environments. You will learn how to respond to strangers who want to pet your dog, even if your answer is "no". You will learn how to properly handle your dog in public to encourage good behaviors even when strangers are distracting him or her. Your dog will learn to love paying attention to you even in busier environments.

This program is ideal for dog owners who plan to involve their dog in regular activities and in the community. The Prodigy Program is not designed for dogs with more serious issues like aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, or reactivity.

  • Customized training plan

  • 12 day-training lessons

  • 6 private in-home lessons

  • 2 "field trip" lessons in public

  • Folder with educational handouts

  • Harness, long line, and standard training tools provided specifically for your dog 

  • Emailed training videos & instruction 

  • Lifetime email & phone support

  • One-on-one instruction in your home

  • Free refresher lessons for 1 year

Ultimate Dog Program

  • Do you want a well-behaved dog but limited on the time it takes for training?

  • Would you like faster results that a professional trainer can offer?

  • Think the only options are to send your dog off to a board-and-train facility?

The Ultimate Dog is our unique, deluxe two-month day training program for busy families who need dramatic results. This program combines the best parts of private lessons, dog walking, and day training.


Month One - Intensive Training

Three days a week, Mobile Dog Training's professional trainer will come to your house and train your dog while you're busy - at work, running errands or taking care of the to-do list which constantly gets longer. At the end of each week, your trainer will meet with you for a one-on-one private lesson. We will show you what your dog has learned and how to ask for and maintain the training. You will need training, too for best results!

Month Two - Fine-Tuning

It's time for you to practice with your dog.  You will continue to meet with your trainer once a week to fine-tune your obedience goals at home or in public places like parks or pet-friendly stores.  This gives you the individual guidance you need to maintain your dog's good manners. We provide all the training tools you'll need to be successful; a harness, clicker, treat bag, long line, station/bed and Kong.

And Beyond - Maintenance and Lifetime Support

The Ultimate Dog Program is designed to give you everything you need to have the dog of your dreams.  For one year, you have free refresher lessons and lifetime support with your trainer so whether you have a question tomorrow or three years from now, more help is just an email away.

Ultimate Dog Program: $2300

Lot's of progress with the biting! I don't have any new injuries. Thank you for doing what you do! You have a gift for sure! -Slurpee's Mom

Thank you so much for all you do! It's so much fun! -Maggie's Mom

I’m four sessions in, and let me tell you...Jessica is awesome to work with! I’ve never had a puppy but she’s taught me and my Phoebe so much! She goes beyond just training and sends helpful videos and links that pertain to your fur baby. She is totally committed to seeing you and your dog succeed. I can’t sing her praises enough!!! -Phoebe's Mom

Absolutely AMAZING— worth every penny! Jessica was so easy to work with and really helped us get prepared before even picking our puppy up. Once training sessions began, she customized each session on what we were interested in and also taught us things that we would have never thought about. She truly wants both the dog and owners to succeed, which is wonderful! We just finished our puppy package and looking forward to working with her going forward. Would recommend to anybody! -Willa's Mom