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For dogs age 6 months & older

Coaching programs are private training sessions with you and your dog, usually scheduled once a week in your home. These programs are for training obedience skills and not designed for serious problem behaviors. Each program is customized for you and your dog. If you aren't sure which program would benefit you most, I can make suggestions during the consultation. All programs include:

90 minute consultation

folder with handouts

one-on-one instruction

customized curriculum

follow-up email with additional resources*

*Manners program and higher

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The basics program is best to address a couple of nuisance behaviors such as jumping or house training. If your dog already has some training and needs a refresher or if you'd like to teach something new, this is a great place to start.

Fully customized for your training goals including field trips, if applicable. Addresses common behavior issues such as jumping and not listening. This program guides you to teach skills such as recall, sit, down, leave it, go to mat, leash manners, etc. Includes a free refresher lesson.

The most popular program to teach a few skills, address minor nuisance behaviors, or to focus on basic training goals. We will also cover management strategies and mental and physical enrichment. 

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