Puppy Programs

Mobile Dog Training offers several puppy training programs to meet each family's UNIQUE needs and goals.

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There is nothing as adorable as a new puppy; tiny toes, puppy breath and velvety fur. We promise to do everything right and this puppy will be the greatest dog who ever lived.


Then reality sets in. Raising a puppy is hard work! Puppies aren't as cute when they chew your shoes, pee on the rug, and draw blood with their needle sharp teeth.​ Raising a puppy can be very enjoyable and rewarding and it should be and we are here to help you through the process!

All Puppy Programs are for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months of age

Puppy Starter Program: $150
  • 90 minute consultation 

  • Folder with educational handouts​​

  • One-on-one instruction in your home

Puppy Starter Single Session

  • Perfect to be prepared before you bring your puppy home!

  • Start off right with an effective house training plan.

  • Perfect for new puppy owners or those who need a refresher.

The Puppy Starter is a single session for new puppy owners. 

During the session, you will learn about basic puppy care, socialization, confinement set-ups, and house training. 


You will learn strategies to deal with the most common puppy behaviors such as potty training challenges and biting & nipping.

This program is ideal for new puppy owners who want to be prepared before they bring their puppy home or for those brand new to puppy ownership.

If you are unsure if private lessons with a trainer is right for you, the Puppy Starter session gives you a chance to find out! You have the choice to sign up for a program or continue with add-on sessions.

Jack & Belle
  • 90 minute consultation included​

  • 3 training sessions​ total

  • Folder with educational handouts​​

  • One-on-one instruction in your home

Puppy Survival Program

  • Have you wondered lately, "What was I thinking?"

  • Sick and tired of cleaning up pee and poop?

  • Is your new puppy driving you crazy?

The Puppy Survival Program is designed to help new puppy owners in their first months of puppy ownership.  Our standard curriculum covers house training, crate training, socialization, and how to appropriately respond to typical behaviors like biting.

In three in-home sessions, you will learn about the most important things to teach young puppies and how to care for them properly. Your puppy will also learn a few skills such as Sit and Down on cue.


Solutions for common nuisance behaviors such as biting, chewing, pulling on the leash, jumping on visitors, stealing food and house training will also be addressed so you can prevent problems before they become habits.

This program is ideal for new puppy owners who want to be involved in their puppy’s training with the guidance of a professional trainer.

Puppy Survival Program: $350
Puppy Manners Program: $500
  • 90 minute consultation included​

  • 5 training sessions​ total

  • Folder with educational handouts

  • On-going support during program

  • One-on-one instruction in your home

Puppy Manners Program

  • Don't waste puppyhood! It does not last long! 

  • Untrained puppies grow into untrained teenagers. Think about that for a second. 

  • Are you hearing a lot of conflicting and confusing advice about training?

The Puppy Manners Program combines the Puppy Survival Program and adds more obedience training. This program addresses typical nuisance behaviors such as biting and jumping and goes a step further by teaching what you want instead.

Puppy Manners includes five in-home sessions in which you will learn how to respond to your puppy's antics and teach him the behaviors you prefer. Your puppy will learn several skills such as Sit, Down, Settle on a Mat, Come when called, and Leave It. Lessons are fun, hands-on, and you will see just how brilliant your puppy is.


Puppy Manners is all about building a good foundation at a young age. Puppies do not grow out of unwanted behaviors, they get better at them! Your puppy will learn to love paying attention to you, listening, and offering polite behaviors. 

This program is ideal for new puppy owners who want to set their puppy up for lifelong success.

Puppy Prodigy Program

Mobile Dog Training Alabama AL bergamasco puppy
  • 90 minute consultation included

  • 6 in-home training lessons

  • 2 "field trip" lessons 

  • Folder with educational handouts

  • Emailed training videos & instruction 

  • Unlimited on-going support 

  • One-on-one instruction in your home

  • Free additional refresher lesson 

  • Ready to teach your puppy lots of fun things?

  • Does your puppy get too excited when visitors arrive and doesn't listen?

  • Would you like to avoid bad habits from the start?

The Puppy Prodigy Program combines the best of the Survival and Manners programs with an emphasis on polite behavior and real-world situations.  Your puppy will learn valuable skills such as leaving human food alone, polite greetings, relaxing in higher distractions, and walking politely on leash. This program is ideal for owners who want to take their puppy to dog-friendly places.

Imagine taking your puppy along to your favorite lunch spot to enjoy a meal with a friend as your puppy relaxes next to you. The Puppy Prodigy Program includes two "field trips" to dog-friendly public places to develop your puppy's skills with distractions. 

Puppy Prodigy is all about building a good foundation at a young age and proofing what your puppy has learned in more distracting environments. You will learn how to respond to strangers who want to pet your puppy, even if your answer is "no". You will learn how to properly handle your puppy in public to encourage good behaviors even when strangers are distracting him or her. You will be prepared to socialize your puppy in a manner which encourages focus on you (and not on everyone else) and cultivate confidence in new situations.

This program is ideal for new puppy owners who plan to involve their dog in their activities and the community.

Puppy Prodigy Program: $750

Ultimate Puppy Program

The Ultimate Puppy Program is the foundation for the ultimate dog.

  • Do you want to give your puppy the best start possible?

  • Would you like faster results that a professional trainer can offer?

  • Or maybe you have a busy lifestyle or challenging puppy and unsure what to do.

Ultimate Puppy Program: $2300
  • Customized training plan

  • 18 day training lessons

  • 5 private in-home lessons

  • 2 "field trip" lessons in public

  • Mid-day play & exercise

  • Folder with educational handouts

  • Harness, long line, and standard training tools provided specifically for your puppy 

  • Emailed training videos & instruction 

  • Lifetime email & phone support

  • One-on-one instruction in your home

  • Free refresher lessons for 1 year

The Ultimate Puppy is our unique, deluxe two-month day training program for busy families who want notable results. This program combines the best parts of private lessons, dog walking, and day training. No more worries and guilt during the workday! Your puppy will benefit from their own, personal tutor, saving you time, effort, and frustration. 

During the first month, your puppy will have one-on-one lessons 4 days a week with a professional trainer while you're busy or at work. Your puppy will also get a midday potty break, play, proper socialization, and exercise. At the end of each week, you'll get a private lesson to go over what your puppy has learned and instruction on how to ask for and maintain those new skills.

During the second month, it's your turn to continue practicing with your puppy. We will continue to meet weekly at your home or in pet-friendly public places to fine-tune yours and your puppy's skills. This gives you the guidance you need to maintain your puppy's training.


Lot's of progress with the biting! I don't have any new injuries. Thank you for doing what you do! You have a gift for sure! -Slurpee's Mom

Thank you so much for all you do! It's so much fun! -Maggie's Mom

I’m four sessions in, and let me tell you...Jessica is awesome to work with! I’ve never had a puppy but she’s taught me and my Phoebe so much! She goes beyond just training and sends helpful videos and links that pertain to your fur baby. She is totally committed to seeing you and your dog succeed. I can’t sing her praises enough!!! -Phoebe's Mom

Absolutely AMAZING— worth every penny! Jessica was so easy to work with and really helped us get prepared before even picking our puppy up. Once training sessions began, she customized each session on what we were interested in and also taught us things that we would have never thought about. She truly wants both the dog and owners to succeed, which is wonderful! We just finished our puppy package and looking forward to working with her going forward. Would recommend to anybody! -Willa's Mom