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For puppies age 5 months & under

Coaching programs are private training sessions with you and your puppy, usually scheduled once a week in your home. Each program is customized for you and your puppy. If you aren't sure which program would benefit you most, I can make suggestions during the consultation. All programs include:

  • 90 minute consultation to get started

  • sessions are usually 45 minutes to one hour long

  • folder with handouts/emailed handouts

  • one-on-one instruction

  • customized curriculum

  • follow-up email with additional resources*

*Manners program and higher


Coaching Programs & Pricing:

Ideal for new puppy owners who need a refresher on puppy raising, house training, or help with dealing with typical behaviors such as puppy biting. A crash course! 

Perfect for addressing typical puppy behaviors such as house & confinement training, biting, and jumping. Best for tackling a couple of issues and teaching 1-2 skills.

The most popular program to address typical puppy behaviors and to teach skills such as sit, down, leave it, recall & more. We will cover foundations and mental and physical enrichment.


Fully customized lessons geared towards your goals including field trips to practice manners in public. Addresses common puppy behaviors, teaches foundation skills such as basic manners, sit, down, come when called, leash manners and more. 

For puppies age 5 months & under

Day Training is where your trainer comes to your home to work with your puppy one-on-one usually 3 days a week. At the end of each week, we have a session together to go over what your puppy has been learning. You will also receive photos, videos, and training handouts so you can practice between sessions. Day Training is perfect for busy households or folks who work full-time! Day Training is NOT suitable for severe problem behaviors. We will jump start your puppy's training but you still must practice to maintain!

Your puppy will get potty breaks, play, training, walk (where necessary), field trips for socialization, treats/snack, affection, and will be ready for a nap!

Day Training lessons are scheduled three visits per week and run about an hour.

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Day TrainingPrograms & Pricing:

This program focuses on basic manners and introduction to a few skills such as sit, down, and come when called. Your puppy will play, get potty breaks, learn new things, and burn off excess energy!

Customized training focusing on foundation behaviors and good manners. The Manners program teaches your puppy to be responsive, careful with sharp teeth, and several skills such as sit, down, recall, wait, and place. 

The Head Start program focuses on eliminating common behaviors like jumping, mouthing & biting, and general puppy craziness. Your puppy will learn patience, several skills such as place and sit, and we will start a solid foundation for more advanced training. Elevated cot, long line, harness, and treat bag included.

The Ultimate program is our largest Day Training program. In addition to in-home training sessions, your puppy will go out for field trips with a heavy focus on proper socialization. This program allows busy puppy owners to rest assured their puppy is getting the positive exposure that will help shape them as adults. Your puppy will be introduced to skills such as auto/cued sit, down, wait, leash manners, manners in the car, come when called, leave it, and more. Elevated cot, long line, harness, and treat bag included.

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