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For puppies age 5 months & under

Coaching programs are private training sessions with you and your puppy, usually scheduled once a week in your home. Each program is customized for you and your puppy. If you aren't sure which program would benefit you most, I can make suggestions during the consultation. All programs include:

  • 90 minute consultation to get started

  • sessions are usually 45 minutes to one hour long

  • folder with handouts/emailed handouts

  • one-on-one instruction

  • customized curriculum

  • follow-up email with additional resources*

*Manners program and higher

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Coaching Programs & Pricing:

Ideal for new puppy owners who need a refresher on puppy raising, house training, or help with dealing with typical behaviors such as puppy biting. A crash course! 

Perfect for addressing typical puppy behaviors such as house & confinement training, biting, and jumping. Best for tackling a couple of issues and teaching 1-2 skills.

The most popular program to address typical puppy behaviors and to teach manners and skills such as sit, down, leave it, recall & more. We will cover foundations and mental and physical enrichment.


Fully customized lessons geared towards your goals including field trips to practice manners in public. Addresses common puppy behaviors, teaches foundation skills such as basic manners, sit, down, come when called, leash manners and more. 

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